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Default Re: CELEBRATING Jim Straw-How to Get A Room At ANY SoldOut Hotel

Originally Posted by Glenn View Post
I got a panicked phone call from a client.

He'd showed up at a Las Vegas Seminar. All seats were sold out at all the
Hotels. Two or three Trade Shows at the same time.

BIG MISTAKE not to Reserve a Room in Advance, right?

I'd ALREADY made the same mistake. So I told him, "Get a 100 dollar bill
and wave it in front of the Hotel Concierge. Tell him or her that You KNOW
they have cancellations all thru the day AND if they find a room for you
they get 100 bucks."

Heh heh.

My client called me back all excited. He was given the PENTHOUSE.
It seems the Concierge Wanted the 100 smackers so badly - he opened
up a 1000.00 a night room!
Happy Holidays!

Thanks for sharing that, Glenn - it's a clever idea!

I can't see why it wouldn't work...

There are a few times in the past when I wish I had thought of this myself! (Now, I'll know for the future... )

Best wishes,

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