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Default Re: Don, you bugger you!


I'm sitting here this afternoon, wondering how to sell a program for local
businesses, over the phone. Then I read your "Wow!Take a look at this"

Bang! A light went on and I knew I had the answer.
The "already done" approach is the ticket.

I'll let you know how it works out

Thank you my friend!


P.S. I like the house video and your email approach but FSBO's can be tight with
the purse strings. Wonder what might develop if you included a commercial in your
video for a local mortgage company?

Would they be willing to pay more than the homeowner?

Would a mortgage company, title company or a local real estate broker be willing
to "sponsor" 5 or 10 such videos for $XXX per month? Heck, you could put all 3 in
there and they could split the cost

Just some ideas off the top of my head to add to the mix. Keep them coming, Don!
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