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Default I KNOW he can make a booklet...but can he sell a booklet?

Homage to one of my favs...Joe Vs the Volcano

Opening scene shows Joe going to work...and actor Dan Hedaya is heard in the background talking on the phone as he repeats over and over...

I know he can get the job, but can he do the job?

Great movie opening to set the tone for Joe's adventures.

Anyhow, back to BOOKLETS.

As I begin to remember...he he...I wrote about Paulette Ensign, whom I dubbed the Booklet Baroness and her web site,

So, booklets aren't anything new. And the small booklet template I've been talking about is only ONE size...I can fold a single piece of paper, no matter what size it is, into a variety of different size booklets.

The one like the 10,000 cookie or my golf one is perfect for biz cards...which can be easily scannned and dropped into it.

But a legal size can be folded to fit into a number 10 biz envelope and sent in the mail...back in the day, Richard Myers sold a booklet on best Internet web sites. Did pretty good too.

So, sure, you can make the booklet, but can you sell the booklet?

See, I practice something akin to ORIGAMI...only instead of little paper birds and such, I turn a single piece of paper into CASH...

And these are amazing little booklets that have 1001 uses and topics, but for me, only one fast can I fold a piece of paper and through some modern day alchemy, turn it into cold hard, in my hand cash...

NOW, I've got a volcano to jump into...oh flibbertigibbet.

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