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Dien Rice
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Default Larger than Life Texas and Delicious Texan food....

Hi Dan,

> Should you come through Texas look me up.

Dan, I'll definitely do that!

I've never been to Texas yet, but I've really liked the Texans I've come across.... :)

> The Strange Texas site was interesting. I
> work just a few blocks from both the
> bookstore and the hat store mentioned on the
> site. Was also in the tornado he talked
> about.

Heheh... Yeah, it was an interesting web site, I agree... :)

> Not sure about your list of
> "Texanisms" but I suspect that
> most of those were more sayings of the South
> than Texas specific.

Yeah, most of my travels in the USA have been related to physics research work (which brought me to Berkeley, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, and Los Alamos) though also due to relatives (generally in Michigan and upstate New York) and of course visiting Gordon (Cuyahoga Falls, OH)....

But I'm going to have to do a bit more traveling around the country in the future.... :) And I would LOVE to make it to Texas.... :)

> Thanks for posting these!

You're welcome Dan, I don't know exactly why, but I have a feeling I would get along well with many people I'd meet in Texas.... :)

A friend of mine -- who's a Canadian but born in Mexico -- tells me that most "Mexican" food in the US (and Australia) is really "Tex-Mex" style food from Texas.... So for that I'm also appreciative, because it's great food! And Texan-style chili is delicious. :)

Dien Rice