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Default Betcha You Aren't Ready To LUV-BOMB People

Thanks Gordon/Dien,

2 Years ago I Challenged Your Readers to Call me. Shared my Home Phone #.

I do this Everywhere.

Not worried about Being OVER-WHELMED with Calls.

People are Afraid to Talk to Strangers.

426 Million Mentor, Walter Hailey, was Right. THINK BACK. How many people you have handed out a business Card to Have Called You - Ever? And IF a few called. How many Paid You Money?

MY ANSWER is One Person in 20 years.

Great guy. He started a Charity with a billionaire. Called me for help when Mr
Billionaire Cut him out of his own Charity. Which we FIXED for him. But he
never Paid me.


Same thing happened here.

ONLY one person Answered my DARE.


Angela called for Advice. She was quitting Pharmaceutical Sales. Started Selling Cars. And needed help.

I ran thru a long list of Proven Car Sales Strategies.

A year later Angela Called me to Complain her dealership was MAKING her work
Weekends. And she quit. Wanted my advice on how to Get a Job at Her CHOSEN

I Asked her, "How did you do before You Quit?"

ANGELA - "I was #2 in sales."

ME - "How many other Women?

ANGELA - "Just me.

ME - "How many men?"

ANGELA - "9 other salesmen."

ME - "Ok. So what do all your sales add up to?"

ANGELA - "Well, I'm not sure. Over the past 8 months Probably over a Million."

ME - "Let me get this Straight. You sold over a Million Dollars of Toyota's in 8 Months. CONGRATULATIONS!

ANGELA - "Thanks.

ME - "So did you use any of the ideas I Gave You?

ANGELA - "One.

ME - "Which one?

ANGELA - "I ask husband and wife prospects, ""What do You Enjoy Most about the Idea of Finding Your DREAM CAR? And then ask the wife If She is Ready to "Try On" some cars."

ME - "That's Great. But that's two.

ANGELA - "Two of what?"

ME - "Two Ideas. You Guided the Wife to "TRY ON" Cars like Jewelry or a New Dress, right? Cars that matched the colors she wore?"

ANGELA - Slowly. Thinking. "Yeah, I guess."

ME - "Well. Idea #1 You Got Her to Fantasize About Her Dream Car. Idea #2 You
specifically LED her to Cars She could "Try On" to see if they made her Look More Beautiful."

ANGELA - "That sounds right."

ME - "Just to make sure you Know this. Men buy cars that go VROOM, VROOM.
Women Buy cars that make them LOOK GOOD. Like Fashion designs, Shoes,
Hair styles, Cosmetics."

ME - "I told Angela to Write out a List of all her Sales. Add up the Moolah TOTAL.
Show the list to Any Car Dealership Sales manager she wanted to work for.


Because she is in Danger of getting KIDNAPPED. And put to work RIGHT AWAY - as a Car Sales Slave.


The original 100 Million PLUS "Interior Decorating" Strategy.

CHA-CHING for "Car Sales"

Is already Getting Appointments for a "Car Detailer"

We Have Clients interested in THESE Industry Niches...

Real Estate - realtor, flipper, investing clients)


Car Insurance,



(EDITORS NOTE - If your Ideal Customer owns a car. We can Adapt the Strategy for you too.)

Glenn Osborn
Millionaire Mastermind Marketing Association
Master of Ceremonies - Billionaire Watching club

P.S. - YOU Wanna Know a Secret?

You wanna Know THE REASON WHY you will NEVER see This LOVE-BOMB Idea Anywhere ELSE? Print, Mp3 Audio, Video?

Because Even Though We Have Written it down for you - Step By step.

Even though You can SEE IT.


Understand it.

YOU CAN'T DO IT. Because You Have to (Practice Invisibly) Until You Can Get Your Conscious and Unconscious Mind Trained to Work Together.

Here is my Home Phone - 410-429-8909
My Home Email - [email protected]

You Qualify for a 27,000.00 (We Guarantee to Show You Specific Ways to 2X Your Bttm Line From Home) FREE Consultation with me - AFTER you Send me a LOVE BOMB Testimonial Using The "Rasputin Rectangle Arm Point."

If You Can Point Your Finger at Someone - You Can Pass My BRASS OVARIES Quiz.

P.P.S. - This goes to my Ezine List. Thought to share it here In Case Someone wants to ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE.

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