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Default ***How to RAISE Your PRICES*** - Alignable Q & A

Thanks Gordon/Dien,


If You THINK -- You Can Always Find a Way to ADD VALUE
To Make YOUR Product or Service ONE-of-a-Kind.

LOGICALLY - if Nobody Else Offers Your Unique Product or Service
they Have to B*UY from You. And You Can CHARGE More.

BELOW is a Specific Example of
the BEHIND THE SCENES Thinking Behind a "Chicken Soup for The Soul"
book writing event.



QUESTION - ***What’s the best response to “it’s too expensive”?***

​Thanks Von,

​Years ago I called Up Dr Thomas Stanley - author of "The M*illionaire Next Door" - and ASKED him what the ​MAGIC WORDS were that the #1 Cadilac Salesman/Psychology Professor (From his book) used.

​Tom Did not know.

​So I tracked down the #1 Caddy Sales Guy.

He wouldn't TELL me. But he DID say TOP PRODUCERS ​each come up with a FUNNY THROW-A-WAY Answer - that TELLS the person ASKING for a Discount, "I AM WORTH IT." You are not just B*uying a Service or a Product you are ALSO Getting ME"

​SINCE We Interview and Do Marketing for TOP S*Ales stars and Sm Biz M*illionaires I started LISTENING for ​their ANSWERS to "It's too Expensive."

​#1 - I Worked Behind The Scenes on a Project With a Consultant for the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" guys - Mark Victor Hanson ​and Jack Canfield.

​THE PROJECT - One week to go before a "How to Become a Best-Selling-Author" Seminar and they still had 1100 UNSOLD SEATS. Prospects said, "TOO EXPENSIVE."

​#2 - Since The Chicken Soup books all have a Form in the Back to Sign up for their F*REE "Chicken Soup Ezine....

​A - We Suggested Mark and Jack email their M*ILLIONS of Ezine Subscribers an offer for a F*R*E*E ​"How to S*ell Your Book" Conference Call.

​B - The day BEFORE the Conf Call Melinda and I started emailing and calling ATTENDEES. Asking ​them "WHICH of these ADDED VALUE Ideas do you LIKE BEST?"

​#3 - VOILA! They all wanted Personal Time with Mark and Jack.

​AND since I had a VERY SUCCESSFUL Mentor who Already ADDED VALUE by setting aside a PRIVATE ROOM to eat Breakfast, Lunch​and Dinner. Just him and Attendees.

​Jack and Mark OFFERED THAT as a Bonus HALF WAY THRU The Conference Call with FIFTY THOUSANDS ​potential book authors.

​AND S*OLD OUT the 1100 Seats BEFORE the End of The Phone Conf Call! (We figured out for 1100 folks - if Jack and Mark Ate 3 meals a day separately - for a 5 day event - that is 30 Meals. About 37 people each meal.)

​YOU ASK, "What is MY Throw-Away Answer to M*illionaire Sm Biz Tightwads?"

​FIRST I LAUGH - if I am face to face or on the phone.

​If using Email or IM - I type - "Ha Ha Ha!"

​AND then I say, "It Cost me 44K (Or Whatever that IDEA Cost me) to Attend 3 Events where I learned this B*illion D*ollar Referral​ S*ales System. AND Since I Go The Extra 100 M*ILES for all my b*uyers. I Don't Give Discounts.

"INSTEAD ​I ADD VALUE. I B*UY you One of My ONE-OF-A-KIND Marketing Programs. Fantastic Info You Cannot B*UY anywhere ELSE - because I got each idea DIRECTLY from the M*illionaire inventor. At Great Personal Expense.

​FOR EXAMPLE: Part One of Our 3-Part "Hidden Vegas Munny Making SECRETS" Series...

Interview 1
************************************************** *********​

​Glenn Osborn
​Millionaire Mastermind Marketing Association

​P.S. - After Affluent Tightwads LISTEN to Part I -

They want Part II - (​39 Notorious Vegas Ideas)

​Or Part III - ​(64 Weird New Munny Making Ideas) -

OR THEY Go Ahead and order the ORIGINAL ITEM
​they wanted at Full P*rice.

​Sometimes they order 2 or 3 or all 4.


I don't Care.

Because NOBODY ELSE has Proven S*ales and Marketing Systems SO GOOD they get a 365 day 100% munny back Guarantee - and a 1 on 1 Walk thru - PERSONAL CONSULTATION - to Customize the ideas for them.

They Come Back.
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