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Default One approach is this...

Originally Posted by GordonJ View Post
You fell from an airplane into a town of 25,000 people or more.

You need to make 500 bux in cash. Today. Starting at 8 ending by 5.

No support programs. No call backs. No follow up. You'll be dropped out of a plane tomorrow into another town/city.

You'll cover the USA for any city with at least 25k.

So, what do YOU do, to get the 500 cash in your pocket ASAP every day?

Any idea accepted. But once you leave town the next day, you will never see nor hear from anyone again. OK?

Thinking caps ON? Go!!!
The broad strategy I would use is...

- Find businesses with "stored value."
- Do a deal to be able to unlock that stored value.
- Find someone to buy that stored value, or the right to use that stored value. (With more time, I may develop them myself, but given the time limit in Gordon's question, I'd sell them.)

(As Gordon has posted about before, "stored value" is a concept Harvey Brody teaches...)

One idea is, you may see a building which has a blank wall which cars can see from a busy street.

(For example, I can think of an old building I know of in my city with a blank side wall which faces a park. As cars drive along the street in the direction towards the blank wall, they can see the blank wall on the side of the building, because of the empty space next to the building due to the park.)

From the point of view of advertising, this blank wall which is visible from a busy street has "stored value."

You could then do a deal permitting you to put advertising on that wall for a year or two (and sign a contract with the building owner). Then, sell that right to put up advertising on that wall to someone else, who can then develop the idea (since you only have one day). (Check the city regulations regarding this first, as some cities apparently like to restrict such advertising.)

Another type of stored value is excess stock, etc. You can organize to buy this stock from the owner (or instead, write a contract where you pay a small amount to buy an option to buy the stock), and resell it at a profit. With a one day deadline, you'd probably want to sell it as a single lot. (Jim Straw made money doing this for years, and wrote the manual on it.)

Another one might be this. A local college has classes during the week - but on the weekend, their classrooms are empty. That's a kind of stored value. Can you do a deal to "broker" these empty classrooms on the weekend, for other people to use as a venue? If you can get a contract to do this with the college, you may be able to sell that right on to someone else (due to the one day time limit, you won't have time to develop this yourself).

The broad idea between these is actually the same. Find stored value assets, then do a deal to control, use, or own those assets, then sell it on to someone else (due to the time limit).

There are many different ways you can apply this general idea.

The main "problem" is that many of these deals could take more than a day to finalize.

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