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Default Defining and Labeling is Very Important. Here's why + Seth Godin

Hi Bozo,

Thanks for your thoughts...and NO name calling here :->

You asked "Why Bother labeling or defining?"

I think the Defining and labeling are VERY important.


Because once you are clear about how you define "Entrepreneurship" it will help determine HOW you ACT and/or your general approach to the TYPE of business you are creating.

I agree with the you "Don't talk about it, do it"....which leads to the question of "Do what?"

The way you DEFINE/LABEL "Entrepreneurship" consciously or unconsciously will determine the type of movement you take and eventually the end result you achieve.

I feel it's more than semantics. I believe the book E-myth talked about this is greater detail. Something about an Entrepreneurial Seizure.

In Addition I just heard this quick interview nugget from Seth Godin about the Difference between a "Freelancer" and an "Entrepreneur". You can check it out at the link below. (it's about 3-4min)

Here are some quick notes I took

Freelancer vs. Entrepreneur (Begin: Seth Godin Interview notes)

"Let's understand the difference between entrepreneurship and freelancing...
b/c if you get confused about that...your life is going to be horrible 1:11
...b/c I've lived this."

- Freelancers get paid for their work. If you're a freelance copywriter you get paid for your work. When you're asleep you don't get paid for anything.

- An Entrepreneur uses other peoples money. To build a business BIGGER than themselves so that they can get paid when they sleep.

-The entrepreneur has no problem selling their business b/c it is a living breathing entity which is NOT related to what they do all day.

The Challenge is: If you TRY to act like a Freelancer pretending to BE an Entrepreneur you're gonna drive yourself crazy.


- b/c it's ALWAYS cheaper to hire yourself,
- it's Always cheaper to extend yourself
- it's always cheaper for you to go on that sales call instead of hiring somebody else to do it
- Then you're being Neither an Entrepreneur or a Freelancer (2:04)

Seth's Conclusions:

- So the market for Freelancer that are Average is Horrible...b/c I can find an avg. Freelancer cheaper than you.

- The market for EXCEPTIONAL freelancers has never been better.

Therefore you better be exceptional as a freelancer else you will be paid as little as possible

The opportunity for the Entrepreneur is HUGE ....IF you remember that you are trying to build an Asset that has Value outside of YOU as a person. Otherwise go be a GREAT freelancer.

(End: Seth Godin Interview notes)

Thanks Bozo for Sharing your comments. In the end the best course of ACTION would be to just look at our own actions and be clear on the outcome those actions will lead to....because they are all leading to an end result. If that is an end result you want...then GREAT. If not start changing.

Originally Posted by Bozo View Post
It's as good a definition as any, but why bother labeling or defining?

I have never met an entrepreneur who called himself an entrepreneur, or even attempted to spell it.

The word is used by others to label a person who does things that they themselves won't do.

In other words, don't talk about it, do it.

And don't call me names.
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