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Default More examples of how your potential resources are unlimited...

Originally Posted by Duane Adolph View Post
I like the view of "no limits" on resources...

Interesting story about the warehouse. I like to read more "down to earth example from regular folks.

Ha Billionaire Felix Dennis quote from the book "How to Be Rich" is ringing in my head.

"The World is Full of Money. Some of it Has Your Name On it. All you have to do is collect it"

Money is just ONE resource.
Hi Duane,

Your mention of Felix Dennis reminded me of a post that Ankesh once posted, about how Felix Dennis started his first magazine...

When you read it, you'll see how he started with almost zero resources, too...

However, you don't need to "own" or "control" those resources, when you can possibly do deals to get what you need. That is why you have "potentially" unlimited resources...

Here's Ankesh's post:

Felix Dennis: How to obtain capital to start a business to get rich

Also, my reply on the examples of Bob Reiss and Sam Raimi are a couple more examples...

How Bob Reiss put together his TV-Guide-based trivia game, and how Sam Raimi got his start

The only "rule" in deal-making is that it should be "win/win" for each party. However, each deal will be different, as it will depend on your circumstances and what you want/need, and the other party's circumstances and what they want/need too.

Best wishes,

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