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Default Re: Updated Harvey Brody Course?

Originally Posted by ultimatelifespan View Post
Does anyone have details on Harvey Brody's UPDATED "How To Become Financially And Personally Independent" course that's in the works?

I'm the proud owner of 2/3's (I'm missing Part 3, Section 1) of the original

Buck Rizvi

P.S. I'm still looking for a copy of Part 3, Section 1 and will pay top dollar for it!
Hi Buck,

I recently spoke with Harvey... He's working on the new course full bore (and I'm assisting where I can), but I can't say when it will be ready yet. Of course, I'll let you know when it's ready...

One thing about Harvey is he's very thorough (as those who have his earlier course would know). So it's not going to be something only done half-way, or "slapped together"... It's going to be something which is very useful and powerful.

Harvey has new approaches too which are even more powerful than what he was doing in his earlier days (when his earlier course was put together).

One thing which is unique about Harvey Brody is he has been making money continuously since he started, consistently, without a lot of "booms" and "busts" that others have, with no legal troubles, and in a completely and totally ethical way. He has no employees (apart from working with his immediate family), which means he doesn't have the "headaches" that others have in dealing with their huge "armies" of employees. He can take time off when he wants to, spend time with his family or go on holiday whenever he wants, and generally live a happy and low-stress life.

By the way, his old course is still valuable, so if you have a copy, or do get your hands on a copy, it is still very beneficial. (I would recommend going over it multiple times - some of the powerful stuff is only mentioned in one or two passages, and is easy to miss if you only read it once.)

For those who don't know, Harvey has multiple products and multiple businesses. His first product was the "zoom spout oiler", which he still sells very profitably today, many decades after it was first created and introduced. To show you what it looks like, here are some links...

Harvey makes a profit from purchases from any of the above places (and many other places too)... Even though the "zoom spout oiler" has been selling for many decades, he's been able to keep "protecting" it in multiple ways, which makes it very hard for anyone to compete with him...

The "lynchpin" of his whole approach is the concept of a "toll position," which is a concept he came up with in the 1950s, but there are also a lot of other important concepts and techniques which build on that...

As there are further developments, I'll update you about them...! The bottom line is Harvey's working hard on it (and I'm assisting where I can), so you can rest assured that it is on its way, though I can't say yet exactly when it will be ready. It definitely won't be something which is "slapped together", but it will be very unique and there won't be anything else like it...

Best wishes,

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