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Default Re: Updated Harvey Brody Course?

Originally Posted by Bob Blagg View Post
Hi Dien,

I was wondering if you have heard any more about a possible time table as to the release of Harvey Brody's new course?
Hi Bob,

I am in regular contact with Harvey... I can't give you a timetable, because it takes time to do it right. All I can say is - hold your horses! I promise you, you won't have seen anything like it before...

Those who have seen Harvey Brody's earlier (circa 1970s) course will know that what I say is true. The new course will include much newer and powerful information that he's learned in the decades since he created the earlier course...

I also remind you that, Harvey doesn't write courses to make a living. He makes a living from his real businesses with real products, that run more-or-less on "autopilot"... How does he do it? His powerful business is run with just 3 people (himself, and 2 family members) - so he doesn't have the problem of a lot of employees the way many others have...

Best wishes,

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