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Default I think the idea is BRILLIANT!

Originally Posted by Glenn View Post
So I woke up last night with an idea.

A Win-Win idea.

Why not use some of the 100's of Testimonials and Case Studies on Barbara's website to write a book? I ASKED PERMISSION and Barbara said, "YES."

The Basic Idea in Headline Form Reads Like This:

"How to Quickly Write & Sell Books
By Borrowing Headlines & Case Study
Stories That Already Gross 12 Million
Dollars a Year"

Book I Title Might Be...

"How to Write Testimonials and Case Studies That Sell For-You
So You Don't Have To."
Hi Glenn,

First, I think this idea is BRILLIANT! A book based on testimonials...

Many people (including me) love examples. We need the real stories and examples to be able to understand everything right.

I think it'd be a great read, too...

I love it!

- Dien

P.S. I'm a bit sick (again) with the flu, which is why I haven't posted much the past few days...
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