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Default I Bought Your Magic Beans But BEAN IceCream?

Thanks Gordon,

I've been eating pinto beans for years.

Very easy.

Dump 1/2 a bag of beans in a 2 quart cast iron pot.

Cover with water.

Wait 24 hrs - until the beans are bulging above the water level.

Then Add Tandoori paste and 2 or 3 other spices.

While I'm working - I let it boil for an hour or two. (I set the egg timer for
55 minutes and get up and TASTE to see if the beans are tender or not.)

Shovel the cooled off beans into refrigerator containers.

Freeze and forget.

I Throw beans into everything I cook. They ADD Spice to all my vegetables.

I'm a bit leery of Bean iceCream, tho.

If it's so good how Come I haven't seen it on all the
weird icecream flavor Lists?

So My Question is:

How do You FIX these Magic American Indian Jumping Beans of yours?

Never heard of them before.

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