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Default Re: Some people's thought processes don't make sense... which means opportunity!

Thanks Dien,

Your example reinforces all that you and Gordon have been sharing with members over the years.

Examples like this from actual experiences can make all the difference in helping entrepreneurs to fully accept the power of Harvey's strategy.

I was always amazed at the many "roadblock beliefs" that students often offered as their excuses for not openly accepting the potential and reality of the strategy.

Once students accepted the reality that there will always be "opportunities", I would next try to focus their minds on easy and practical ways by which they could take their next step with the strategy. For me personally, I was always sensitive to how a student would respond once they finally knew that they would never be able to exhaust the supply of "opportunities" all around them.

This important breakthrough would cause some of them to relax a lot and to become much more cerebral than before. They focused much better and became very deliberate in their approach. I loved to see that kind of reaction.

But. in contrast, other students would react much like our American history describes people acting when they learned that gold had been discovered nearby. Those students often became very energetic and started to create shortcuts to the strategy. Eventually, some of them would also settle down.

In one of my later books I used a printed step-by-step flowchart to help keep students on track. These same type of experiences kept occurring so that eventually, I began wanting to someday use a software system to help them to behave more like Harvey wanted them to do.

Thanks for sharing, Dien.
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