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Default Could be revolutionary...!

Originally Posted by GordonJ View Post

Choose a product or service where you can SHOW AND TELL and not try to sell.
Hi Gordon,

I really liked your post... Showing is great! I wish I'd done more of it...

I guess, as you said, you need to choose a product or service where you can "show and tell"...

Some products can be shown "virtually". There's video, of course. But you can also provide a description of what it's like experiencing the product... That's a kind of "virtual" showing...

Here's an example, from Joe Sugarman, who was selling the "Bone Fone" in 1979... A kind of personal audio device you draped around your neck. It was released, and started to sell well... Then Sony released the Walkman, killing his sales!

In his ad, he uses "virtual" showmanship...

The body of the ad starts...
"You're standing in an open field. Suddenly there's music from all directions. Your bones resonate as if you're listening to beautiful stereo music in front of a powerful home stereo system.

"But there's no radio in sight and nobody else hears what you do. It's an unbelievable experience that will send chills through your body when you first hear it."
Bone Fone Ad (click on the picture on that page to expand it)

This is a kind of verbal picture of the experience, kind of like "showing" the experience of the product - but via text!

(I think you do this sometimes, too, Gordon... I remember one of your ads from many years ago gave a story of your experience of opening up your physical mail box, and getting a few checks addressed to you every day... Kind of "showing" the benefits of doing what you would teach people to do...!)

By the way, "showing" takes time... But it's time well spent!

I need to do more of this...

Best wishes,

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