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Default Re: Be Careful SAMIR - "Futures" are Not A Level Playing Field

Originally Posted by Glenn View Post
Thanks Samir,

I have a Client who put 10Grand into a Future Bet.

BEFORE the Market opened - the next day.

Mark Checked his munny.

SOMEONE, on the inside, had already taken 3000.00 of his 10Grand AWAY!


You Should EXPECT 1 or more INSIDERS to have their Hands in Your

Meaning - You May not make The Munny You EXPECT to make even if
the Coffee supply goes in the Direction You Predict.

All of my mentors say IF YOU WANT to Make Munny
Steadily - Dependably - You Must CONTROL the munny Making Project or


In the stock market, the only thing you can really control is your risk and I think that's what you're alluding to.

I'm not sure I follow what you mean by "Insiders". Commodities are not companies, there are no Insiders. Unless you mean someone with a deeper knowledge of why Coffee is priced where it's at and not higher?

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