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Originally Posted by RickC View Post
Hi Sandelwood,

You're certainly no dummy. I should have clarified. I just found out about notifind about a month ago. Notifind is software/program that lets you know when something you are looking for is available. You key in a phrase and words of items you are looking for, and when those keywords are used by someone selling something, you get notified instantly. It gives you quick notification when someone is selling something you are looking for. If it is something going at a great price that you want to resell, then you have an edge.

I wish I could take credit for finding this, but no. The pros on this site are way ahead of me, as usual.

I'm beginning to learn that Craigslist is more than just a way to sell things quick. It can become more than that. That's why I was curious if/how people here may be using it as another income stream not just for themselves but for others.


Thank you for the explanation and the url. I can see where this tool would be extremely helpful. I have a friend who goes garage sale(ing) every weekend to find the merchandise he sells on ebay. I wonder if this tool would give people the edge in finding bargains they can sell on ebay.

I know for a fact he is doing well just using the garage sale method of finding merchandise. We go to the same gym and have coffeee after our workout and talk about ebay and everything else.

Anyway, I'll give him the url and see what he thinks. When I know, so will the forum. That's fair, right?

As a secondary thought, I bet Skip or Gordon or Dien could spot a way or two to make money from this site.

Thinking about it, what if you knew several people who regularly sold on ebay but didn't know about this site. You would know what they like to sell, use the site to find it and tell them about its availability and collect a finder's fee.

I'm out of ideas so I'll say thanks again for the info.

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