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Default Flirt Tipping to Be Nice to a CVS Pharmacy Clerk

Thanks Tom,

One of our Mentors Compares the world to a Dark Movie Theater.

He says, "Imagine everyone in the movie theater has there legs stuck out
in the dark aisle - to trip you."


How do You Avoid getting LINKED with all the JERKS who came before you - in the mind of the Clerk or CockTail Waitress or Cashier?



3.00 Discount at
CVS w/LOTTO ticket

I bopped into a new pharmacy today.
Got some stuff and took it to the counter
at the front of the store.

A bottle of water and 4 or 5 bottles.

No clerk so I rang the little bell.
A brown-haired girl showed up.

I Thanked her – Handed her a Lotto Ticket
for “Interrupting her work to help me.”

She told me if I took an application
to sign up for the Discount Club – I’d
get 3.00 off.

So I did. And threw the application
away in the trash.

I’ll trade 1.00 to make 3.00
all day long.
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