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Default Some of the gold nuggets here from the past...!

Last night I had a phone call with a well-known, "old time" money-making expert... (Some of you might be able to guess who this is.)

He commented on Seeds of Wisdom... He pointed out that people really do want something real. They want step-by-step instructions. They don't want to waste their time. They want real opportunity information they can believe in...

That's what we've been providing here at Seeds of Wisdom for over 18 years now (and counting)...

Many of these nuggets of gold are buried in the archives.

That's why, a few years ago, I started a project to bring some of the greatest posts to the forefront. It's something I plan to continue again soon (I may hire some help to get it done)...

The website I created for that is

There's still a lot to add there!

For example, here's a great "blast from the past"...

The Key to Credibility

I've recently been checking what directions I want to take from here. My goal is to continue to provide (both from me, and from others), good, solid information about opportunities. No time wasting. Things many here can do to improve their lives, financially, but also in other ways. I'll be expanding from not only providing business opportunities, but investment opportunities too. (I've made amazing money from investments, and why not share some of the info?)

You'll see some new offerings from me in the near future along these lines too...

It's gonna be good...

Best wishes!


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