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Karol Gajda
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Default Re: I think this answers it....

Hi Boyd,

> Sorry for the confusion--not your fault, I
> overthought it and managed to confuse myself
> (a common occurrance).

No problems...

> The transaction is as secure as any normal
> PayPal transaction, would that be right? And
> your script is protected on the server as
> much as possible, correct?

Yes, that is correct.

> Could I look at a sales page for a product
> being sold using the "choose your
> price" method?

I just ended choose your own price for my 77 Instant Auction Answers eBook today. It was still working great, with 10%+ conversions, and over $6 average per sale...but I'm trying to see if my visitor value will go up at a set price (I'm starting at $9.77 per copy.)

So...I don't currently have a choose your own price product.

The MyDigitalDelivery script is used both at and

If you'd like a demo of Choose Your Own Price please e-mail me at [email protected] and I'll send you a link to the old 77 Instant Auction Answers page. *Take out the NO-SPAM of course.



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