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Default One more trial balloon released into the etherworld of SowPub. My latest gig...

Aug. 22, my first new HOTSHEET was begun, the new work, which you can preorder for 5 bux via paypal or Facebook messenger (use messenger, you get an extra free gift not given to others)...

It is a compilation of the last 35 years of my online business activity, dating back to 1986 when I was selling computer parts and pieces on old bulletin boards. My recent threads, here and Warrior Forum, and private discussions from both and Facebook too, regarding Business 101 to 999... shone some light on TODAY'S STATE OF THE ART OF MAKING A BUCKEROO.

So, I am attempting to distill, the important points into HOTSHEETS, then put them in a report, and see what it does.

Making Money 101 to 999-The BEST of 35 years of Online Money Making.

Any takers? Or requests? Or inclusions?


P.A, Paypal preferred? [email protected] 5 bux (for now) gets you all the HOTSHEETS now in production.
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