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Default First, help me understand a few things.

Originally Posted by TommyBoy View Post
Gordon, first of all thanks for your weekly Fly Low, Collect the Dough newsletters. I'd be interested to know your thought processes on how you come up with these ideas. It's a different kind of "outside the box" thinking to be sure.

I've been working through the jobs/resumes portion of last newsletter. It struck a chord, so I began writing blog posts. To date I have six full posts and starting on my seventh. One a day is not that difficult, plus I'll throw in a few videos. After about 30 or 40 I'll be running out of ideas, but figure if I get to that point, I'll be able to proceed further.

Then I got stuck in my thinking/overthinking.

When I went to do some searches in the resume/jobs space, I realized there is an absolute ton of competition with a lot of "tenure" in that field (i.e., people that have been there a long time it seems). Is it the volume of content on a site you estimate will overcome this annoying detail or how does that work for getting traffic and part-time business?

Am I overthinking this or what?

Thanks again, Gordon.

I've never experienced writer's block, if anything I have thought diarrhea.
Daily news is always a good source for ideas.

You began writing blog posts, about jobs? Or getting them? Not sure what you wrote about.

As for getting customers, your process doesn't sound right to me. Tenured businesses, or established ones...consider Sam Walton going up against Montgomery Ward-Kresge-Woolworths-Ben Franklin-Murphy's...etc.

Don't worry about the other guys, differentiate. How?

First thing, you have to start with your customer. WHO? Lot's of different types of Resumes, high school kids need them, college grads for entry level, 25 year olds with some changers with ten years of experience...mid management, Executives, Academics....

So, start with who your ideal customer is going to be. Higher up the ladder the higher the cost of services.

Spend a lot of time identifying your customer, and the mistake to avoid is being a generalist to everyone...where the bulk of your competition lies in wait. Depending on where you live, become an expert.

I have a client who is on his way to becoming the PREEMINENT job coach for Atlanta HOSPITALS/medical. He has visited all the places where job boards could be, has begun to establish himself as the "SPECIALIST" in getting people jobs in health care and he is becoming swamped. See? He doesn't do resumes for general people, he custom designs them for specific job openings in his area.

But, even a generalist can do well with not much more than craigslist and superior advertising and a web presence. Offer your own freebie, 7 Secrets to Finding the Hidden Best Paying Jobs sort of a thing. Maybe by zip code, or whatever, make your capture page different and how many of these established or tenured marketers are using all the tools we IM people use?

An auto responder funnel? Facebook ads? YouTube videos?

TommyBoy, go back and revisit some of those sites and ask yourself if they are maximized, are they using PUSH OR PULL marketing? I think you will see things slightly differently from this perspective.

right person
at the right time
in the right place

is my whole Crux of my business. And I always start with my PROSPECT as my product, the prospect first approach.

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