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Default When "looking smart" may be DUMB...

Hi Glenn,

Love this post... And in particular, this...

"See What happened Here?
Spending the 600 bucks Prevented Jasper from having to THINK."

Wow, you're right...

Often people think that spending money is the "smart" thing to do...

When often, it's just the easiest - not the smartest!

I know of people - who have money - who "bootstrap" every business they start...

That means they start it with virtually zero dollars...

Instead, they use a little "elbow grease" to get things rolling...

If it doesn't succeed this way... On to the next one!

If it does succeed - then it's guaranteed profit!

Not easy to do, necessarily... but more likely to make a profit in the end...!

(While they start the business with virtually zero dollars... They're happy to plow any profits back into the business, so the business can still grow that way... But it's always from the profits, not from their personal cash in the bank...)

Best wishes,


Originally Posted by Glenn View Post
Thanks Gordon,

One of my Clients sons is MIS - USING An Idea I got from Jay A and
which our Billionaire Watching Group has reported on.

Son has started an Auto-Detailing Biz.

After working on cars for family and friends and friends of friends.

Jasper is doing 2 Things.

Thing #1 - He is Detailing the Car or Van owned by a Coach of a IceSkating Team. (Rink is in an Upscale area.)

Doing it in front of the Entrance to the Ice Rink.

Thing #2 - He is spending 600.00 to put up a 3 foot (Biz Card-Like-sign) inside the Ice Rink.

I asked his Dad a question.

"How many of the coaches friends, Team members, parents of team members
have ALREADY bought Auto Detailing - from Anybody?



Which means His Son is GUARANTEED to FAIL with the IceRink Niche.


What Jay A would call, "Low hanging fruit."

Gets ignored.

Jasper has Not mailed and called up his dozen current Detailing clients to Say

These folks we KNOW bought auto detailing Because JASPER Sold it to them!

I will Call Back
After Jasper THROWS his 600 bucks away.

And Give them a PART I of a Thank You Reward Strategy GUARANTEED to Make his 600 Bucks Back and a Lot More.

See What happened Here?

Spending the 600 bucks Prevented Jasper from having to THINK.

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