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Default Dien, do you think you could manage others to do this?

How about helping other bootstrappers with a little seed money.

Say, a bootstrapper could get 5k simply by having a plan, and the investor would have a stake in the start-up. Sure, it is done every day at upper levels, with millions on the table, but who or where is giving the little guy, the bootstrapper a little help to at least test the concept?

I still haven't found anyone or anyplace. Imagine a group of SowPubbers who each chipped in a little to fund some ideas? Or, maybe, we could do it ourselves?

Just tossing it out there, and to the group, do you think 5 thousand bux would be enough to help a bootstrapper at least test the concept?


Originally Posted by Dien Rice View Post
Hi Glenn,

Love this post... And in particular, this...

"See What happened Here?
Spending the 600 bucks Prevented Jasper from having to THINK."

Wow, you're right...

Often people think that spending money is the "smart" thing to do...

When often, it's just the easiest - not the smartest!

I know of people - who have money - who "bootstrap" every business they start...

That means they start it with virtually zero dollars...

Instead, they use a little "elbow grease" to get things rolling...

If it doesn't succeed this way... On to the next one!

If it does succeed - then it's guaranteed profit!

Not easy to do, necessarily... but more likely to make a profit in the end...!

(While they start the business with virtually zero dollars... They're happy to plow any profits back into the business, so the business can still grow that way... But it's always from the profits, not from their personal cash in the bank...)

Best wishes,

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