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Default Incredible suprises in business...

Originally Posted by Glenn View Post
Thanks Gordon/Dien,

Brilliant guy I met at a 25K seminar.

I got to watch while He Tested Dozens and dozens of ideas. Paid full price for Radio Ad Tests.

Quickly went thru a Million Bucks.

Confessed to me His EGO got the better of him.

At the time a 30 Second ad on a Radio Station in Arkansas was only 10 bucks.
MUCH better place to test.

Every single Idea We Tested - on National Radio - by Spending Moolah FLOPPED.

How did he get so rich you ask.


The Client we were working with at the time - An attorney who specialized in Car Accidents - Didn't have his System Packaged up.

No Marketing.

No Print Manual. Audio or video Course.

So While we were doing that.

The National Association of Attorneys REACHED OUT and Asked if our Client
would TEACH 100's of other LESS SUCCESSFUL attorneys how to use his Software Program.

REQUIRED each year.

All Attorney's have to Do Continuing Education Courses.

SANDY got in front of 100's of them.

MANDATED to show up in one Place By LAW.

And with the Systems we Created Started making MILLIONS!

Success from a Completely UNPREDICTABLE direction.

THIS Is why You Want to test Fast and Free.


P.S. - Notice how this fits Jay Abraham's HOST - PARASITE Model?
Hi Glenn,

Love that story...!

I like how he spent big... which lost him lots of money... Yet from a completely free angle, he surprisingly made a lot!

Business is often like that... The thing is, the opportunities only come if you're "playing the game"...

If you're hiding and doing nothing, the opportunities are often not there, or you won't see them...

As you said... "THIS Is why You Want to test Fast and Free."

Best wishes!


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