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Default Wedding Bux

There's 2 types of businesses that would LOVE to have an "edge" in the "Wedding" bizness;

1) The Venues (Hotel Ballrooms, Wedding Halls and Rooms, anywhere Wedding Receptions are held)

2) Wedding Photographers

If YOU can provide these 2 Categories with something that will help them get more Wedding Bizness.....they will profit...and so will YOU!

Well...there's 2 things YOU can offer these 2 bizness categories that will help them get MORE Wedding Biz.

1) A "Video" made from Digital Photos using PhotoStory3 or Animoto
Someone at the Hotel or Reception Hall (or even the Photogs assistant) takes Digital Shots and emails them to you. You make up a "Video-SlideShow" with background music and post the Video on a "wedding" website created by you.

2) A "Website" where the wedding photog or someone at the Venue, takes digitals and uploads them to your "wedding site" where they can be seen by ALL....especially those folks who could NOT get to the wedding or reception.
(I used a domain called, "" as an example)

By offering these to ONE Photog or Venue in a given give them great VALUE and a COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE....because they now have something they can offer wedding clients that no one else can. This then provides YOU with a nice chunk-o-change...for your "exclsuive" service.

Don Alm
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