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Default Re: I love that idea! + Questions

Hey Brent,

Send five dollars to my PayPal account and I'll tell you about an error on your website,LOL.
has the closing (/html) tag missing.

Did you do that on purpose. New testing method.
Clever very clever.

Thanks for the great info I want to look at your website please email a link you have a new follower. Thanks again.

Dave Lantz

Hi Boyd,
> Thanks for responding.
> I can understand your concern.
> We have to be extremely
> cautious these days when it
> comes to the subject of spam.

> However, you can rest assured
> that your email will NOT be
> considered spam.

> Why?

> Simply because you're offering
> a customized service for that
> particular website.

> You obviously took the time
> to visit, and scrutinize the
> site before using your
> trusty Xenu.

> You're also offering a
> valuable service for a
> reasonable amount of
> money.

> The webmaster understands
> all of this. He may, or
> may not accept your offer.
> But he certainly WOULDN'T
> consider it spam.

> Mario is quite correct when
> he says this definitely is
> not spamming.

> The beauty of this is, if you
> set aside a minimum of fours
> hours daily to do this, you'll
> enjoy a very nice income.

> This is just my way of giving
> back, and to say thank you to
> all the many individuals here
> who have posted helpful info.

> I believe it's imortant for us
> all to share helpful info.

> God bless.
> Brent Whinfield
> What happened to the Golden Goose
> After He Laid All Those Golden Eggs?