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Brent Whinfield
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Default Re: I love that idea! + Questions

Hi Dave,
I really ought to send you five bucks.
You have eagle eyes, my friend.

No, I didn't do that on purpose.

It would have been a good idea though.

Thanks for the heads up and the compliment.

I appreciate it.

God bless.

> Hey Brent,

> Send five dollars to my PayPal account and
> I'll tell you about an error on your
> website,LOL.
> has the closing (/html) tag missing.

> Did you do that on purpose. New testing
> method.
> Clever very clever.

> Thanks for the great info I want to look at
> your website please email a link you have a
> new follower. Thanks again.

> Dave Lantz

> Hi Boyd,