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Default Re: What do you want....from us?


I would think that re-visiting the type of content when SOWpub first evolved is what is still needed and would be welcomed.

While I am not a Facebook aficionado, I do have access to numerous groups and the questions and direction being sought on many of them point right back to the offerings and benefits that SOWpub dealt with in it its infancy...a large market still exists.

True enough, forums such as Tony Blakes's have gone extinct, but referring back to my other post about Facebook and knowledge bases...I believe SOWpub could take excellent advantage of a Facebook group presence for collecting members with a lead back to the SOWpub forum...and both presenting the opportunity for growing membership and also presenting new avenues for income streams for Dien and yourself, not to mention members.

Like most groups or forums the senior members have taken advantage of the beginnings and over time found their niche or calling and moved is time for the newcomers to find what they are seeking and in turn educate others as they gain their own experiences before they, like you and Dien, and myself, get involved in other aspects that diminish time for the forum or group.

Just my 2 worth.

Perhaps an example...Bob B posted under this thread about the expensive courses that are over filled with fluff to bounce the price up...that in itself is a business opportunity that I think may have slipped by (either that or a few saw it and didn't post to mention it)...sets up a great basis (without getting into details) for developing a hotsheet business.
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