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Default Thanks Dien, good noodle.

Originally Posted by Dien Rice View Post
Hi Gordon,

I think the way I would look at it as a potential client would be, how much could I make? Obviously, the more I could make, the more it is worth...

Of course, coaches themselves charge a hugely varying amount - and I'm not so familiar with the "standard" rate. However, if people believe they can make $100 an hour, it might be worth a certain amount. If they believe they can make $200 an hour, it might be worth more. Etc.

Just some thoughts off the old noodle...

Best wishes,


The 500k a year to over 7 figure consultant, is at 10k a day rate or more.

Some of those Certifications I wrote about have the people in that range, not the 69.95 certificate guys, unless they are Bernie Madoffs (HA)

I like to use 60 to 120 k a year as good goals for a new one man band business, or 5 to 10 thousand a month. $1,250 a week or 250 a day, is a low end goal, in my opinion for a new start-up, a one man band.

500 a day, shouldn't be difficult for a good consultant, since you also follow Colin Theriot, you saw he just this week did 4 one hour phone calls at 300 bux each for a nice 1200 dollar, 4 hour work day.

IF he wanted to lose money, he could probably do that every day, but for a new person to have a service which people will pay for, I think there would be a ready market.

One thing about biz-op, the modified GJA Pareto (I think 90/10 not 80/20) is in full effect. One in ten is going to be the top, and the other 9 will get average results, so it would be important to make it easier for the 9 to get to a decent goal with less than the 10% person's effort.

More on this later.

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