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Default Tapping into today's teen market...


I think I was the least fashionable guy in school back when I was a kid.

But back then, even I would wear blue jeans all the time...! Hey, I had to fit in, right?

I think everyone my age wore denim blue jeans back in those days. That's why the results of this latest survey of what teens are buying are...


In this most recent teen buying survey - "active wear," which means sports clothing, outsold denim!

Clearly, I just don't understand what these teens are thinking any more!

So, what did they spend most of their money on?

It turns out that they spend most of their money on food...

And coming in at a close second was money spent on clothing.

I don't think many here are tapping into the "teen market," but it can be a lucrative market to tap into...!

Anyway, here are the survey results!

How teens are spending money, what they like, and where they shop

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