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Default OH, I am not vegan, but my diet changed with old age.

Originally Posted by OliviaMeekins1977 View Post
For how long have you been vegan and what made you change your diet to the one you have now?

My daughter is Vegan, and I can cook that way for those who are. But I'm not. However with diverticulosis and some IBS, maybe a gluten thing (untested, but I do react to regular wheat).

I did spend a very painful few days in a hospital and they considered cutting some of my intestines out...which scared me enough to eliminate seeds and many other things. I do eat "healthily", from my perspective, but I've learned over they decades, that means something very different to those who have committed to their way of life.

But I was a cook/baker. In many places, so I'm able to adjust the kitchen to meet the diner, as it were.

Thanks for asking,

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