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Michael Ross (Aust, Qld)
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Default Jainism sounds interesting


Thanks for the suggestion.

I've found some online info and began going over the info presented.

> Some people believe that Siddhartha was
> influenced by Jain monks.

With the brief bit I've seen, I can understand why some would believe this. Of course, the other reason for any similarity could be "plucking the concept out of the ether."

> But Vardhaman Mahavir was the one who came
> up with Ahimsa (non violence).

And what a job that is. With all those "prans" and any injury to them - no matter how small - considered violence. Makes my head spin just trying to get a grip on prans, let alone doing no harm to them.

One reason for a lack of spread of the religion could also be its basic "we are the masters of our own destiny of existence of life and we should not blame anyone or anything else for our destiny" aspect.

And it appears to me... if you are born as a Tiryancha you are pretty well going to stay as such until you somehow are born as a human and can thus do something about the situation.

So far I don't understand why the Heavenly Being can't doing anything about its situation. Why can't they adopt restraints? I'm sure I'll come across the answer.


Michael Ross