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Default How I tried to get attention at a festival... and FAILED

Originally Posted by Glenn View Post
I learned how to "Show & Tell" Instead of Sell from Gary Halbert.

While one of his "Copy Cubs" was Complaining about How Gary made him drive
his HOT PINK Caddy. And he was Forced to Deal with Scads of Folks who ran
over to the car. While Gary Yelled, "I am a world Famous Marketer. Which
Headline do you Like Best? A or B?"

I Thought, "GADZOOKS!"

Gary found a way to ATTRACT people over to him. So he Could A/B Split Test Headlines. NO WONDER Gary's Copywriting Hit Home Runs First Time The Sales Letters were Tested.

Thought and Thought about ways I Could use The idea.

And Hit upon The Idea of a HOT PINK Chain Maile tie.

I ordered one.

Wore it.

AND it works Great.

A - Shy people see it but look away.

B - The Waiters and Managers all Compliment the Metal Tie.

C - And The Biz Owners with a Bit of BRASS come over and We have a CONVERSATION.
Thanks Glenn... Awesome, and great stuff!

I read what you wrote, and it triggered a memory!

I was selling discounted comedy club tickets face-to-face at a festival. I hit on the idea - to get attention... I wore a multicolored clown wig on my head.

It didn't work.

But you know who sold the most comedy club tickets?

The results became clear when we all reported sales at the end of the day...

It was the young ladies selling comedy club tickets, wearing low cut tops (which were the fashion at the time)...

I'm just reporting a fact.

It was unfair... I didn't have the same equipment!

I think my "clown wig" idea didn't work, maybe because it wasn't unusual enough, maybe it wasn't funny enough, or surprising enough...

Maybe in the context of a festival (with all the amazing sights and sounds), it just didn't stand out enough!

But... I LOVE your idea!

It's a good one...

I think (at that time) I needed a better idea to stand out, entertain people, and ATTRACT people, in the context of a festival...!

Thanks Glenn!

Best wishes,

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