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Default "A Dollar Bill, A Lotto Ticket or Hillary-Behind-Bars-Bucks"

Thanks Dien,

I Think THE SECRET to Attracting Attention that SUCKS People over to you Smiling & LAUGHING is TESTING until you find an idea that Works GREAT.

I have recently Flirt Tip Given Away and Tested:

Trump Munny
Melania Munny
Little Yellow Duckies that Squeak
Tiny Robots
Small Squirt guns
LED Flash Monsters with SPRINGS on them

WHEN GIVEN A CHOICE of Any of the above items.



And In Tipping Tests.

When Asked to "Please PICK ONE You Want as a Tip"

ME Holding up a REAL 1.00 bill and A Fake Fifty with Trump on the Front - The Moolah with TRUMP's Face is chosen 50% of the time!

ALL This Face to Face Testing Is About COPYWRITING.

I am currently Writing a New E-book Called:

"INSANE NLP Copywriting Battle -
B*illionaire Writing Secrets-Book #1"

Inside I explain:

How J. K. Rowling, Disneyland, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, Richard Branson
and others Use A Combo of NLP and INSANE Psychology to Create B*uying ADDICTS.

YOU MAY ASK, "How Do You Convert A Face to Face NLP Copywriting Test
into Making Moolah from home with INSANE NLP Writing?


The Spoken NLP Trance Question I use to TEST TRUMP MUNNY - Contains THE SAME Underlying INSANE NLP Copywriting Battle PSYCHOLOGY as the Subject Line Above.

Here is what Both have in Common -

FACE to FACE I say,

"Which one do You Want as a Tip - A 1.00 Bill or TRUMP Munny?


Here's How I came up with The Subject Line to This Post -


You Can Follow Along and POP-QUIZ Yourself.

Which Title do You LIKE BEST?

A - "Have You Ever Seen Hillary-In-Jail Munny?

B - "Choose one - 1.00 Bill Or Hillary Behind Bars"

C - "Pick One - Trump Munny or Hillary-Behind-Bars Bucks."

D - "A Dollar Bill, A Lotto Ticket or Hillary-Behind-Bars-Bucks"

The New INSANE NLP Copywriting Winner?

LETTER D - "A Dollar Bill, A Lotto Ticket or Hillary-Behind-Bars-Bucks"


Becuz it contains The Basic NLP Hypnotic Trance Words!

Mirroring - Matches Your Memory

Pace - Elicits a Shared Experience

NLP ANCHOR or Energy Link - (Words that SLAP You and Create a Chi Energy Spike inside your Mind.)

HERE it is all Separated out for your Shopping Pleasure -

MIRRORING - "A Dollar Bill,

PACE - "...A Lotto Ticket

NLP Anchor Energy SLAP Words - "Hillary-Behind-Bars-Bucks"

What I
FACE to FACE when Tipping... UNWRAPPED NLP-Wise.

"Which one do You Want as a Tip - A 1.00 Bill or TRUMP Munny?

MIRRORING - "Which one do You Want as a Tip -
PACING - A 1.00 Bill
NLP Anchor - "...TRUMP Munny?"

AND OF COURSE 3 More INSANE NLP Layers are in There too. Explained in
the Next Chapters.

I - The Dr Milton Erickson OVERWHELM (INSANE COPY) Strategy That Opens Your
Mind to "Suggestions."

II - The Trillion D*ollar B. F. Skinner Discovery using Rats. Now used on People in
Casino, Lottery, on-line games. Reward Words As "Suggestions"

III - Andrew Carnegie Competition Principle - Used by every Modern B*illionaire
Our Club Is watching.


P.S. - HO Dien - Amazon has Already Tested What You Should Wear to ATTRACT The Most People at your Next Carnival.

1 Inflatable Dinosaur
The top seller is the inflatable dinosaur costume. Not only is it selling over 800 units per day in the month of October, but it stays popular year around with an average of 14,000 sales per month!

P.P.S. - If you decide to WEAR a Dino Outfit - Share a Photo. I know that would
but a BIG SMILE on MY Face.
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