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Default Thanks Glenn! I watched some of the GEICO Gecko (and other GEICO ads)...

Originally Posted by Glenn View Post
Thanks Dien,

It takes a LOT today to Break thru the Barrier MASK people put up to Protect themselves from Zillions of ATTACK advertising.

Warren Buffet has figured out how to do DINOSAUR LIKE Videos for
Break thru so you watch his Geico insurance videos.

The stupid Lizard
The Cave man
The DinoSoar on the ice hockey rink.



He got to me.

I can remember this stuff off the top of my head.

Thanks Glenn for your post!

We don't get GEICO ads here in Australia... So I just watched a few GEICO ads on YouTube. They're pretty funny!

Thanks for the heads up...

And you're right, cutting through all the "noise" everyone is bombarded with by doing something to make people laugh and smile is a great way to do it!

There are multiple ways to cut through - fear is a big one which is often used (especially in politics). But I like the laughter and humor approach - make people feel good, and even make the world a better place, while you're promoting and marketing!

Best wishes,

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