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Default Evryne wll wrt lk tht in th ftr

Originally Posted by -TW View Post
Callsic ad (ALL OVER subways in NYC in the 60's + 70's)...

If u cn rd ths msg , u cn gt a gd jb [etc.]

Does anyone remember that?

Couldn't find it talked about online, surprisingly.
Thanks TW for posting about that! I think it's a pretty clever ad... People are obviously remembering it many decades later! I wonder if it was effective in bringing in customers?

Of course, a whole new generation is being trained to write like that. I don't mean texting - since at least with texting, abbreviations are optional. I mean Twitter!

That dang 140 character limit forces everyone to write like that!

I mean...

Tht dng 140 chrctr lmt frces evryne to wrt lk tht!

I say... we should all start getting used to it, because everyone will write like that in the future!

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