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Default Re: What EXPERIENCES have you paid for?

Hi Gordon,

I'm trying to think of experiences people pay for that are not necessarily travel related. I'm also from cuyahoga falls, and I know a lot of my friends go to the old Mansfield prison for their ghost tours.

What about dinner theaters, like the cabaret, except on a smaller sale? Or the local renaissance fairs where everyone dresses up and plays the part? Civil war reenactments? The Christmas decorations tour at Stan Hewitt?

In hocking county there's the Zip lines...

Just a few quick ides of the top of my head.

Originally Posted by GordonJ View Post
In a discussion today, we spoke of EXPERIENCES, like the people paying a couple of hundred bux in Vegas to play with heavy equipment...

We had a list of several things we did between us including...

Hang Glider
Real Glider
Shooting an AK47 (yea, you can pay a couple hundred at some ranges and fire away)
And many other EXPERIENCES.

I mentioned the Big money ones, like a Tony Robbins seminar on his island...for 10 or 15 grand...and we discussed the BOOMING CHINESE RICH...who are seeking experiences here in USA.
am looking for the 200 to 300 dollar range experiences which you might have the donkey ride into the Grand Canyon.

I'll share a couple later, which I think might be good money makers for any locale...but until then,

what experiences have you paid for?

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