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Default Edgar Says, "My Waitress THANKED ME for a Great New Experience."

Thanks Tom,

426 Million Mentor, Walter Hailey, taught me that EMPATHY is the key
to communication and Successful Sales.

Just Suppose You Got Bored with Eating
out at Restaurants.

With Meals at home too.

What could you do?

Here's what I DO Sometimes.

I order my meal BACKWARDS.






Great fun for me.

And - I discovered - FUN for my waiter or waitress too.

That is when I had a EUREKA MOMENT.

Waiters and Waitresses and Clerks and Cocktail Waitresses
and Wal-Mart Cashiers and Deli Counter clerks are

BORED - out of their minds.

So if you are able to MAKE THEIR BORING Job

A Little WEIRD.

They Really, Really Appreciate You.

Don't Take Just MY Word.

Listen to Edgar.

Dear Glenn,

I am really impressed by all the incredible one-of-a-kind marketing info that you
send to your e-mail list. I am pretty familiar with many "effective" techniques,
but yours are truly top-notch.

On a even better note, as an aside, my wife is pregnant with our first! We are so
excited...the first grandchild for both of our parents too! is my dollar bill tipping testimonial:

We were at the beach for Memorial Day and we were having a grand time all day
Friday, partying and whooping it up.

We decided to do the dollar bill tipping technique for the first time at a great
restuarant right on the ocean. We sat down and the waitress immediately
brought us water and freshened our beverage order. Boom, out comes a dollar
and a big smile for her.

She said, "excuse me sir, you can tip me at the end." I told her we had lived in
Mustique for a short time and this is how they tip there, during the meal. She
said, okay, reluctantly and smiled awkwardly, almost embarrased and took the

We all chuckled.

Then back come the drinks and out comes another dollar.

A sly, flirty smile for me.

Back for the order...another dollar and a bigger smile.

ANOTHER waitress brings more silverware...she is handed a dollar with a thank
you and she replies, "I heard about you" with a big smile.

Another guy brings a napkin, is given a dollar and he responds with, "for me?" I
said "yes" and "thank you" and he almost lost his eyeballs through his head and
says "thanks"--it was almost like he had never seen a dollar.

The evening progressed like this and after getting the bill for about $100 we
figured we tipped about $20 total.

As we were leaving, our waitress pulled me aside and said, THANK YOU for a
great new experience."

It was a great night had by all.

Feel free to use this in your material.

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