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Default Here are some ideas...


Thanks for ASKing about... Network Meetings.

These Investors... are they full time investors - or - people with other professions/careers who do a bit of investing?

If the later then one thing you could have is a brief into from each attendee...

"My names Joe Bloggs and I run a print shop in SuburbName and can handle businesses cards, flyers and other printing needs."

This could be done while all people are seated and breakfast is being brought out - or prepared - or even eaten. Each person in turns, stands up and gives out their one sentence intro.

Also, each person's name and intro details and contact details could be placed on a sheet of paper which is photocopied and handed to each attendee.

Along a similar line... each person can hand you a handful of business cards - say 20 to 30. You place these into something like an Index Card Box which contains dividers. Each car has its own section. This box can be Flipped through by other members and they can take a card as they see the need for contacting a person who offers what they need.

As for speakers... you have a room full of people with experiences to share. You can have them answer a simple question... how did you get into X, what do you like about being a X, any experiences you can share which are either funny or teach a lesson (and what the lesson is).

The biggest Sales Pitchers will probably be photocopier and office machine salesmen, ad salesmen and insurance salesmen. Don't let them take the Spotlight to share their experiences otherwise it will become a pitchfest.

Officeworker/investors and fulltime investors are likely not to pitch anything.

Hope this helps.

Michael Ross
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