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Default Getting business stuff done - the Power of Routines...!


This is one of the "downfalls" of working for yourself... a lack of routines. When you work for someone else, they have often already set up routines for you to follow at work.

However, when you're working for yourself, you will often be more effective if you set up your own routines.

Think of exercising. Let's say you want to exercise every day, but you decide to leave it to chance when that will be every day - depending on what you "feel" like. What's the chances you'll keep to this plan to exercise every day?

I'll tell you... it will be pretty unlikely!

However, let's say you go to the effort of setting up a "routine." For example, every day, you plan to go for a good walk at 11 am, before lunch. You could even set a daily alarm to remind you.

Now, what's the chance you'll stick to your daily exercise? It's a lot better than if you left everything to "chance!"

This applies to everything else you might do...

And it applies not only to daily routines. I've started to find it helpful to write down the things associated with what I want to do. For example, if I'm writing a business plan (which is something I've been doing lately), I make sure I have a coffee, and listen to a specific type of music which helps me to focus. On the other hand, if I'm doing "light-hearted" writing, I don't worry too much about the coffee, make sure I have some food for mental energy, and listen to a completely different kind of music! These "routines" seem help me to get into the right frame of mind to get things done...

Going back to the exercise example, you can increase the power of the walking routine by, for example, finding out what kind of audio (music? seminars? comedy?) helps to motivate you to walk. Then listen to that on an iPod or smartphone or other device as you walk... And once you find what works, stick to it as part of your routine...

There are many routines you can set up in business... routinely doing your marketing, routinely doing product development, or even routinely sending pranks to your competition...

Have you found any routines helpful in working in your business, or even your personal life?

Best wishes,

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