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Default Should I make THE CREED a free download?

Originally Posted by unpinkpanther View Post
Thanks for sharing

I was going through my copy of Gordon's THE CREED some days ago, and it became even clearer how much of true success lies with OTHER PEOPLE

In fact, I thought of putting up a post here tentatively titled "Beyond the moolah"

So you can imagine how I felt checking in to see a post about not being motivated by money!

I've found that thinking of who I'm helping motivates me much more than watching out for credit alerts

Thanks again

Most of my customers don't mind when I turn a paid product into a freebie or give away as a bonus. They understand. But I do respect the fact that a BUYER has invested time and money, albeit very small amounts. Who am I to say that 5, 10 or even 20 dollars is a "auto response" price point?

Anyhow, the CREED.

Could simply post the 5 words, in fact, here:


Money is a convenient measurement of some things, like TRANSACTIONS, the number of and the amount per.

In fact the above sentence may be the SECRET many need to hear. When one wants to increase their finances, they increase one or both of those metrics.

Thanks for mentioning THE CREED. Some have found it too "WOO-WOO", and all sorts of touchy-feely, which doesn't bother me at all.

So, Unpinkpanther, I am going to empower YOU to decide whether or not I should post a link to a FREE copy of the Creed?

What say you?

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