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Originally Posted by unpinkpanther View Post
Hey Gordon

Thanks for the privilege

Yes, I think THE CREED is a must-have for anyone serious about being in business today

For those who see it as "touchy-feely", perhaps they skipped the 5th paragraph on page 2 (THE CREED is just 2 pages "thick")

However I'm also blessed to have Gordon's Secrets of Seed Faith Planting, Tending and Harvesting, Chattel Report, Hotsheet Profits, etc

I feel anyone who gets a FREE copy of THE CREED should also be willing to INVEST in at least ONE of those PAID reports. (And some J F (Jim) Straw materials too)

Thanks again

Do you have a PayPal account or a Facebook Messenger bank account connection?

If you give us an address, then here is my compromise...

here is the link to a FREE copy of THE CREED.

And if you are newer to the forum, and you think the CREED gives you an AhHa moment, or has value to you...then send Unpinkpanther 5 bucks as a THANK YOU.

This way, a new person gets THE CREED, and if it is worth anything to them, they can thank YOU with a little cashola and everyone wins. Fair enough?

I'm basically out of the selling info game, at least off the field doing other things and we (Dien and I) keep threatening to do an update of our projects and release them again, but, neither of us has time.

What would be great would be to find someone who has the time and motivation to help out in exchange for some rights to market our backlog of dozens of information products.

Just recently I had a request for the HEADLIGHT CLEANING MANUAL, which I no longer offer, due to not wanting to support it (I just don't have the time)...and that is how I feel about most of my past work. I'm busy on our future, I don't have the time to revisit, revise and reintroduce our products of yesteryear, albeit, some good info in the pile.

Thanks for your rapid response. If you want feel free to post any way you have whereas someone who finds THE CREED a valuable addition, to thank you directly with a small transaction.

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