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Default Thanks Rick, I like the 75k high ticket item for 5 days of consulting.

Originally Posted by Rick View Post
I'd say the amount for high ticket items depend on the marketer. Sean is saying anything above $3K is high ticket.

Reverse funnels aren't really anything new. Sean has discussed them in the past and I think others have as well. With a "reverse funnel" you show your high ticket offering to the prospect first, followed by a mid ticket product, then a lower ticket product. It's just a twist on the downsell model.

You're right on. I'm sticking with my current model for now. I've told Sean I'm not changing horses this late in the game. The doggone thing is almost done. I'm determined to get it done. Then, as you suggested, once it's done and generating income, I'll most likely create a separate site to go with the reverse funnel model.


You're right, high ticket is in the eyes of the marketer. EOS consultants can get 75k per sale, or more, and their commitment is for 5 to 7 days a Year.

Membership programs, all OK, IF, one doesn't have to support them, if it is automated, and the head person doesn't spend time talking to people, or answering questions...then I'd be interested.

At my age, TIME is the critical factor (although I said that 20 years ago, eh?) and if I do anything, it has to be AUTOMATED. I think that is why computers were invented, to save us time from the daily mundane, like adding and subtracting with a pencil on paper, which seems to me like what many guru marketers are doing, too many devices, programs and plugins not to set up a AUTOMATIC PRODUCT VENDING site, even at 500 bux or more.

AUTOMATE baby, use the computor's noodle to make your boodle.

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