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Hiya Ankesh! Thanks for posting a few tips for me. I appreciate it. A few of your suggestions didn't seem relevant, like -- none of my products will have "chapters" to share for feedback. They will be very short.

I will definitely make promotional tools available. Banners, text ads, etc. I'm not very video savvy. If I were, I'd have those in my promotional toolbox as well.

Good idea on having the affiliate program available from the get-go. I'm thinking of using jvzoo for this. As for the marketing plan, I'm only planning to use the forum to "kickstart" things. After that, I have a few other directions to go.

Wouldn't it be nice if word of mouth buzz just kicked in right from the start? LOL. I'm not wearing my dream goggles, though. Which means I'll be advertising.

Thanks again, Ankesh. Good tips and suggestions there.

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