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Default Re: Outsourcing... Any experiences?

Thanks Dien!

On iWriter my instructions are usually a variant of these:

Please don't write in the third person ("one" etc.)

Please make the style several bullet points/tips (5 or 7 works well).

Please make sure your work is split into paragraphs, not just one long article.

Please don't over-do the keyword density - just write naturally.

Writing is relatively straightforward and is probably the easiest thing to outsource.

Graphics you need to check it's not infringing copyright - not always easy but Google's image search has helped. Or one project the designer sourced the images & I bought them from the recommended stock site.

Coding can be anything from a simple fix to a really big project.

Spaghetti code is always a problem - difficult to specifiy as most programmers have their own style.

Bug testing is the part I really hate as you can't assume that whatever got corrected last time has stayed corrected or something else hasn't got broken in the next iteration.

Microsoft don't get all the bugs fixed and they've got stricter procedures and bigger budgets.

There are so many variables to test and check for.

Even Google "broke" the internet a while back when something they hadn't trapped for happened.

Testing takes longer than you ever plan!
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