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Default Re: Sowpub Brainstorming session...500 bux a day....HOW...IF...

Looks like I dropped in on another excellent day when lots of mighty fine ideas are being exchanged just as I remembered of SowPub when I last was here some while ago. Great ideas my friends.

Normally when I am dropped out of a plane I like to find a restaurant with some good coffee. I'd ask therestaurant owner if they ever get broken mugs (they all do) and when they said yes I would ask if they might like 144 mugs without paying for them. When they would agree I'd grab a napkin, sketch a wrap-around with their restaurant logo, name, address and phone at the top and 8 rectangular shaped boxes that I would put biz card type ads in from local businesses. I'd ask what biz owners they know that frequent their restaurant and get their contact info, call them and sell them ads to go on the mugs at $150 a pop.

8 x $150.00 = $1,200.00

By the time I pay for the mugs I have between $800-$1000.00 in my pocket.

I did this years ago with a restaurant owner that I frequented and she even called the prospects that she gave me the names to and told them I was working on something for her that she wanted them to be a part of.

Basically there was really no selling on my part. All I did was go show them the idea, collected their biz card and check and that was that. Simple and fairly easy money.

Thanks for asking Gordon!
Randy Sutton
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