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Default Oh Dien, Dien, many times must I tell you...

Buddy, please, from now on...

ASK my permission before using images of me, even cartoon ones, in your posts. Is that too much to ask?

Gordon Mr. Sloth, et al

P.S. I'm sorry, but every time I hear about those 7, I check to make sure Gwyneth is O.K. (cause she's got a good head on those shoulders, want to make sure it stays there {movie reference}).

Originally Posted by Dien Rice View Post
"Outrageous... I thought Sowpub was a nice place,
and now he's asking us to indulge in the seven deadly sins!"

Before anyone bursts a blood vessel... Just read on...

The following is a great article... Online, it's buried in a web page mostly about "The most successful advertisement in the history of the world!"

However, there is an interesting section in the middle about the seven deadly sins, by Martin Conroy...

He's the guy who wrote "the most successful advertisement in the history of the world", which is the "Tale of two young men" ad for the Wall Street Journal...

Here's what Martin Conroy has to say about the Seven Deadly Sins...


Observations About People and Copywriting

By Martin Conroy
If you’re trying to find out what makes people tick, you might take a look at the Seven Deadly Sins from the old Baltimore Catechism.

Remember them? Pride, covetousness, lust, anger, gluttony, envy and sloth. Of course, the deadly sins are all bad and all extreme and all no-nos.

But there’s an unsinful, unextreme side to every one of them where you can see how good and honest people act and react:

• On the sunny side of sinful pride, for example, nice people still take normal, unsinful satisfaction in what they are and what they have.

• Short of deadly covetousness, people have an understandable desire to possess some of the good things in life.

• Instead of sinful lust, there’s good old love that makes the world go ‘round.

• Without raging in anger, good people can still feel a reasonable annoyance with bad people and bad things.

• Without getting into gross gluttony, normal men and women can have a normal appetite for good food and drink.

• Short of envy, there’s a very human yen to do as well as the next guy.

• And as for sloth, who isn't happy to learn an easier way to do things.

• The Seven Deadly Sins. If you want to know what makes people act like people, they’re worth a look.


Hopefully, your boiling blood has now calmed down...

(That's "sloth!")

- Dien
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