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Default Is there a DEMAND for your product or service...

Fortunes have been made creating products...and the demand for them...Apple and Steve Jobs come immediately to mind.

EdenPure heaters has been a phenomenol success. Demand was created for the product.

But, there are the EVERGREEN areas, those areas in the Parade of Life which have been and will continue to be in demand year after year...

after year.

I've been on the phone all day, speaking with some of you...and it seems the refrain I've used for all is...

YOU know stuff other people would pay for.

YOU have evergreen experiences which are in demand in the parade of life.

There are people who want to start a home based business.
Or to buy a franchise.
Or to buy out an existing business.

YOU have done these things. YOU have the experiences they are looking for.

I spoke with several guys in very different markets and niches, yet, they share a common trait...they are experienced in the real world of their businesses.

It is a shame we can't put all this stored knowledge to work, for the good of all of us and for the good of the masses...who not only want this knowledge, but are willing to pay for it.

Sure, you all could write reports, that would be one way to share your life's experiences.

But what about a collaborative effort, where each does a LITTLE to get a LOT which can then be offered to the masses?

I wonder what that would look like? How would it be organized?

Would there be classes? Reports? Video and audio? Webinars?

What would be the best way to organize? Non profit? LLC? Sub chapter S...

How does the collaboration work? How does a collaborator get paid?

Would a collaborator have the opportunity to offer private, albeit more expensive one to one consultation?

We have people here with so much experience, so many different ways to make money, to build a business...guys who have owned several businesses successfully...

one man shops...people with many employees...people in the services industry, products, small fly low money makers...

to some decent sized international businesses...

What ideas might you have, for such a collaboration? Any? None?

What are the Evergreen products, always in demand...always with a market? How do we tap into them?

Just some thoughts after speaking with YOU today...some great ideas, some incredible stored value of experiences, know how and real life, real world been there done that...which seems to me...

as being wasted.

Maybe not wasted...but certainly not in circulation allowing others to benefit from YOUR knowledge and YOUR experiences.

How do we do it? Any input? Any ideas?

If so, pipe up now.

We've got our thinking caps on, and we are frying our brains, quick, before we blow a gasket...what do you think if anything about how to tap into the incredible knowledge base that is SowPub???


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