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Default B) Overcome Uncertainty with Focused Activity

Thanks Gordon,

How DO You Scrape the GOLD off a GoldFish?

I'd like to know.


P.S. - I've Done the "ONE OAR ROWE BOAT Experience."

My Dad liked to DRIVE.

He drove over 1 Million miles - with me in the Back seat. Saying, "Are we there Yet?"

Once we were 1000 miles up into the Center of Canada.

Hotel with big Lake in front.

and a Wooden Boat.

Two Long - heavy ass- wooden Oars.

I was up at 6 am with NOBODY around.

BETCHA I am one of the few People you know who KNOWS what's it's like to ROW IN CIRCLES.

I discovered.

My Right Arm was A Lot Stronger than my left.

And I didn't have the "TOUCH".

The oars slid over the water or Dug in.

I spent some time in the middle of the lake - figuring out how to GET BACK to the dock!
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